University Catering Waiver Form

Exclusive Caterer for the UO
Food and beverages served or catered on property owned or leased by the University of Oregon must be provided by University Catering. University Catering is the authorized caterer for events scheduled in university campus facilities. University Catering is authorized to establish additional procedures regarding operational details such as delivery, bookings, cancellations, set-up, and disposition of unused food. (UO campus catering policy)

Individuals or organizations desiring to have food or beverages catered to approved campus locations by other food providers must receive prior written approval through this waiver form.

All off-campus caterers must operate in compliance with local health department regulations. They must be able to provide proof of a valid business license for the specific operation and a certificate of liability insurance. These licensed caterers must deliver and set up the food for your campus event, unless prior approval has been granted for you to pick it up instead.

Service of alcoholic beverages at public events scheduled in university facilities must comply with UO Alcohol Service Standards and Guidelines. Copies of the guidelines are available in the Office of Risk Management. A request for permission to serve alcohol form must be completed and approved prior to any event.

Please submit this form at least 15 working days prior to the event date.

The organization is responsible for providing University of Oregon Catering with a copy of the outside company’s following documents (you may contact Catering Services to see if we already have these on file):

• County Health Permit
• Certificate of Liability Insurance.